Learning mathematics can be a wonderfully challenging, yet rewarding endeavour into solving mysteries. Teaching mathematics can be an incredibly inspiring experience in which we attempt to captivate others with the complexities and simplicities of a fascinating subject.

Both can also be very, very dull.


The idea of this website is to give you inspiration to provide amazing learning opportunities for your students without any extra work! I want to allow you to introduce topics in new and innovative ways, provide applications of the content to the wider world and blow your students’ minds with the wonders of mathematics!

I want to give you the confidence to take 10 minutes to stray from your curriculum and talk about something interesting. Give the students 10 minutes where they are not answering questions from a textbook, but instead thinking about deeper questions in mathematics as a whole and its applications to the wider world.

Don’t be afraid to go off on a tangent and explore something amazing in your next lesson!